Cosmetic Smile Makeovers

Fall In Love With Your Smile Again With A Professional Smile Makeover

Real Cosmetic Dentistry Cases - Real People - Transformational Results! 'Actual' Before and After Photos

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Amazing Veneers Before and After

Our patient had a grill that covered the front teeth. To achieve our amazing smile makeover, we added two porcelain veneers on the two canines. Root canal/post + core/crown on the right lateral incisor crowns on front four teeth.

cosmetic-dentist-leander-before cosmetic-dentist-leander-after

Cosmetic Makeover with Dental Crowns, Teeth Cleaning, Serious Plaque, and Stain Removal

A healthy smile can be as simple as getting your teeth cleaned. For the majority of the population, teeth cleanings and simple fillings can keep your teeth looking and feeling healthy. However, due to years of staining and wear and tear some patients can benefit even more from dental crowns as a way to correct noticeable oral defects whether in shade, shape or structure. Previous large fillings often stain and chip over time. With dental crowns, we can easily strengthen your damaged teeth and restore your healthy appearance guaranteed.

A dental crown procedure ordinarily requires two visits to your Leander dentist. Since dental crowns come in many different materials (composite resin, ceramic, porcelain, metal, and stainless steel). Dr. Tay will thoroughly examine your teeth and recommend the best option for you.

We use the latest technology, namely porcelain crowns. Porcelain crowns are fast becoming popular due to their strength as well as their aesthetic, natural look and feel. Your first appointment will include the removal of any and tooth decay and the replacement of old fillings. You will leave the first appointment with a temporary crown. After the second dental appointment, you will immediately notice an aesthetically pleasing difference between your old and new teeth.

If you do not feel confident with your smile and want to explore your options, we would be delighted to help you take that next step. The photos above is an actual case completed by Dr. Tay at Apple Springs Family Dentistry. We look forward to serving you now and into the future.

crown-before crown-after

Reconstruction with Dental Crowns and Bridges

Many adults suffer wear and tear on their teeth from years of grinding and chewing. To make matters worse, those same adults sometimes lose their back teeth, resulting in a severe loss of function. With missing back teeth, our front teeth simply cannot handle being the main forces to function on.

Several options exist to restore the function of teeth and to replace missing teeth. Dental crowns are necessary on teeth that more filling than actual tooth structure. When a tooth is missing, dental bridges are one option. A dental bridge consists of crowns on anchoring teeth (the ones next to the missing tooth) and fake teeth in the middle.

In the photo above, this individual had several cavities in the front and lost some posterior teeth due to tooth decay. His front teeth suffered from being the main chewing teeth as well. He presented to our office and was ready to make a change in his life. He wanted to be able to smile again and eat certain foods again. Dr. Tay placed crowns and a few bridges to restore all his upper teeth. Needless to say, he was very happy with the result and cannot wait to start working on his lower teeth. If your smile looks similar to this and you are interested in hearing about your options, please contact us at Apple Springs Family Dentistry.

crown-whitening-before crown-whitening-after

Smile Makeover through Crowns And Zoom Whitening

As an adult, perhaps you can relate to this scenario. When you were younger, you were busy playing and an accident happened. You fell down and landed right on your front two teeth. Years pass by and you end up needing a root canal. While your tooth pain is fixed, your front teeth appear gray, dark, and severely stained.

In the photo above, this individual had a couple of root canals done on her front two teeth. She was tired of looking at her front two teeth. She presented to our office here at Apple Springs Family Dentistry. We recommended teeth whitening with Zoom. Zoom is one type of in-house whitening that we offer. It consists of up to 4 15-minute sessions and the whole process can be completed in about less than 1 ½ hours.

Following the whitening session, our patient elected to have dental crowns on her front two teeth. With the advanced technology of all porcelain crowns, we could easily match her crown’s color to the rest of her teeth, making her smile look natural and attractive. Compare the before and after photos, you cannot even recognize that her front two teeth have crowns.

veeners-before veeners-after

Dental Veneers

If you want a better smile but are concerned about the aggressive nature of dental crowns, the alternative option of dental veneers is available. Veneers involved very little preparation of your current teeth, resulting in you having more tooth structure remaining. This can be done because veneers only cover the front part of the teeth.

Veneers are capable of correcting imperfections such as staining, gaps between teeth, chips/cracks, and misaligned teeth. In the photo above, our patient did not like her smile and has been waiting over 30 years to correct it. In a couple of visits and less than a few weeks, we transformed this patient’s smile. She was thrilled with the result, and our team could see the difference in her confidence in her follow-up visits. If you like the photos you see above, feel free to schedule your dental veneers consultation with Dr. Tay and the team here at Apple Springs Family Dentistry.

teeth-whitening-before teeth-whitening-after

In-Office Teeth Whitening

Instantly, transform your smile with in-office teeth whitening at Apple Springs Family Dentistry. This simple, yet professional cosmetic dentistry procedure is much more effective than using at-home whitening trays. Zoom Whitening is created by the same company that manufactures those Sonicare electric toothbrushes.

The benefit of Zoom Whitening is that the treatment can be completed in less than 1 ½ hours. Plus, it’s much safer for you since it is guided by our doctors and the staff. Often, people leave their over-the-counter at-home whitening trays on for too long, which can create lots of sensitivity to your teeth. With in-office whitening, our team is trained to know exactly how long to apply the treatment for safe, aesthetically beautiful results.

On top of that, professional whitening treatments are much stronger than your at-home alternative, which means you will experience results even faster. Restore your teeth to the whitest they can couldn’t be easier.

Whiten your teeth the fast and easy way. Schedule your in-office whitening treatment with Apple Springs Family Dentistry in Leander now. Please see our photo gallery of before/after photos of actual patients who have completed the Zoom Whitening at our office.

zoom-teeth-whitening-leander-before-1 Zoom-teeth-whitening-leander-after-1

Zoom Whitening Leander

Make your smile shades whiter with Zoom whitening by Apple Springs Family Dentistry, located in Leander, Texas. Zoom whitening is a quick and powerful professional teeth whitening process. During your Zoom whitening session, your family dentist uses a safe and effective formula to bleach your stained or discolored teeth. Then, he or she uses a special lamp to intensify the whitening effect for optimal appearance, guaranteed. Your Zoom whitening treatment is completely safe, ultra-effective, and it takes very little time.

You will leave with even whiter teeth after just one visit to your Leander dentist. It’s that easy. Brighten your smile today. Schedule your Zoom whitening session with your Leander dentist now.

zoom-whitening-leander-before-1 zoom-whitening-leander-after-1

Zoom Whitening Greater Austin Area

Quickly boost your confidence with Zoom teeth whitening by Apple Springs Family Dentistry. If you have been dreaming of an even whiter smile, you can achieve it today. And it’s so easy. All you need to do is schedule a dental appointment with your Leander family dentist right now.

During your Zoom whitening session, your Leander dentist will reduce the appearance of stains and discoloration on your teeth. That same day, you will leave with noticeably whiter teeth, guaranteed!

Isn’t it time for you to enjoy your smile again? Get ready to look in the mirror and love what you see. Say goodbye to stained, discolored teeth and hello to your new smile in less than 1 hour. Schedule your smile makeover with your Leander dentist now.

teeth-whitening-leander-before-1 teeth-whitening-leander-after-1

Teeth Whitening Leander

Amplify your appearance with professional teeth whitening by Apple Springs Family Dentistry. Our Leander family dentist serves the Greater Austin Area and provides cosmetic dentistry procedures to the Greater Austin Area. After your quick and painless teeth whitening session, you will leave with visibly whiter teeth – guaranteed. Your trusted dentist uses high quality, medical-grade tools and materials to whiten your teeth so you look and feel great.

If you have been wanting an even whiter smile, don’t wait to inquire about professional teeth whitening. Whiten your teeth today so you can enjoy a brighter smile. Schedule your teeth whitening appointment with Apple Springs right now.

Zoom-whitening-cedar-park-before-1 Zoom-whitening-cedar-park-after-1

Zoom Whitening Cedar Park

Discover an even whiter, brighter smile with Zoom whitening by Apple Springs Family Dentistry. Servicing Leander, Cedar Park and the Greater Austin Area, this family dentistry will help you reduce the appearance of stained or discolored teeth guaranteed. Your Zoom whitening appointment will only take about an hour, and you will leave with the bright white smile you’ve always longed for but could not get with other teeth whitening treatments.

After your whitening session with a trusted Cedar Park cosmetic dentist, your teeth will look whiter and healthier. You will leave feeling even more confident about your smile, guaranteed. Plus, it only takes an hour to get you the aesthetically beautiful results you want. Are you ready to enhance and whiten the appearance of your smile? Look and feel even better in your teeth today. Schedule your Zoom whitening session now.

teeth-whitening-before-1 teeth-whitening-after-1

Teeth Whitening

Brighten your smile to a whole new level with professional teeth whitening services at Apple Springs Family Dentistry. This safe, painless and non-invasive procedure will make you feel even more comfortable and proud of your smile guaranteed. Our highly-skilled dental professionals use state-of-the-art whitening tools and materials to make your teeth shine and look shades and shades whiter without damaging your teeth enamel.

And, the best part is you only need to invest an hour of your time. In fact, in-office teeth whitening is much more effective and much less time consuming than at-home whitening alternatives alone. Get ready to see visibly whiter teeth over a very short period of time. Get your whiter smile back today! Leave your stains behind and schedule your teeth whitening appointment. Our Leander Dental Office is located at the corner of Crystal Falls Parkway and Lakeline Road in the Randalls shopping center. We look forward to serving you and your family now and into the future.

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Great place, everyone is so friendly. Dr. Tay is very thorough and patient when explaining your dental plan.
Stephanie D.
23:35 21 Oct 20
Dr Tay and staff are amazing, we relocated to Leander and needed to find a new family dentist, we are so thankful we found Apple Springs. The staff are...
Carly C.
11:19 20 Oct 20
Great experience and top notch dentistry. Just moved down from the NorthEast and by far the best dental experience in a long time.
Donald K.
08:22 07 Oct 20
It was my first time here and I had an overall great experience. The receptionist is super sweet and totally understanding, the hygienist Grace was exceptional and gentle, and I really liked the dentist who went over everything and showed me exactly what he needed to work on. I was happy to schedule my next appt with them and I already recommended them to my family. Thanks for the positive experience Apple Springs!
Megan Z.
17:57 01 Oct 20
Dr. Tay and his team are excellent. They go above and beyond. We've had nothing but great experiences with them.
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09:15 16 Sep 20
Love Apple Springs Dental!! Staff is always friendly and Dr Tay is fantastic!!
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Very friendly people here, nice office (they even have tv's on the ceiling!), very conscious of safety during covid. I will definitely be back!
Mark D.
20:22 04 Sep 20
I can't believe I'm actually going to say this but I’ll definitely be going back to Dr. Tay. He’s awesome!!! As most people do, I have a phobia of going to the dentist. I’ve had some really horrible experiences with them. So after over 5 years of not going, it was time. I did my research and decide to give Apple Springs Dentistry a try. Am I ever glad I did. I was immediately put at ease, he listened to my concerns and, in my opinion, went out of his way to make sure worked with my schedule. I had a lot of work done and not once was I in pain or felt uncomfortable. The staff is very friendly and professional. I can honestly say I found my dentist for the rest of my life. No longer will I have trepidation about going to the dentist, and for the first time, I’ll be going regularly for cleanings and exams. Thank you so much!!!
Sheryl A.
18:08 04 Sep 20
I can't believe I'm actually going to say this but I'll definitely be going back to Dr. Tay. He's awesome!!! As most people do, I have a phobia of going to...
Sheryl A.
11:08 04 Sep 20
My cleaning was gentle yet thorough. I'm happy I changed to this office. Overall the service was great including the front desk person.
Deneke O.
19:20 02 Sep 20
Great attention to detail. Everyone was supper friendly. Will definitely be returning.
Cristina S.
21:07 20 Aug 20
Great experience!! I had to get a crown for a root canal I had done and they made it a super easy and painless process. They also allowed me to break up my payment into two which was extremely helpful! 10/10 would recommend!
Anna & Rory M.
20:33 19 Aug 20
Dr. Tay and his staff are great.
Kyle D.
19:40 19 Aug 20
The staff are so friendly and welcoming. Dr. Tay patiently explained every procedure and treatment plan.
Amy D.
21:17 17 Aug 20
Fast amazing initial service and filling of two cavities! My family and I will continue to come here.
Julian M.
18:10 14 Aug 20
I always have a great experience at Apple Springs Dentistry. I get appointment reminders, a quality cleaning, and friendly staff. Dr. Tay is friendly,...
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12:45 13 Aug 20
I just moved from Austin to the Leander area and did not feel like driving into Austin just to have my teeth cleaned. I did my due diligence and checked out...
Laura J.
19:23 12 Aug 20
Doctor Tay and staff are great ! My Daughter referred me to Apple Spring Family Dentistry and I love it. from the first visit everyone was so friendly and very knowledgable they were always ready to answer any questions that I have. I would refer my family and friends.
Norma G.
02:22 12 Aug 20
I love our dentist and his staff! They are always happy and inviting. It is never asked, "did you/do you floss?" There is no blame or shame, only happy...
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09:29 21 Jul 20
Very professional and courteous service with a nice clean facility.
John S.
20:41 17 Jul 20
This is the best dentist I’ve ever had! Dr. Tay is super kind, every hygienist I’ve had was fantastic and really nice, and the experience feels quick and is overall great. Highly recommend!
David H.
23:44 07 Jul 20
This was my first appt with this dental practice. From the office personnel to the dental hygienist to the Dr. was a really good experience!! Everyone was...
Yvette D.
13:25 02 Jul 20
My whole family LOVES LOVES LOVES Dr. Tay and his crew! We drive all the way from Lampasas to see them!
Stephanie H.
16:45 26 Jun 20
By far the most honest dentist you will find in the area. I recently just moved from Chicago, and have been having issues finding a relatable dentist. Dr. Tay is very down to earth, and a sports fan (like myself), so very easy to get along. It's a no-pressure situation, does not charge you for unnecessary procedures, i would HIGHLY recommend this place to family / friends.
Shazad M.
21:32 22 Jun 20
They were so great, the hygienist was so sweet and personable and did a great job. The dentist was very efficient and I got in and out in a hour even with full x rays.
Kels P.
16:13 22 Jun 20
Everyone was super nice & made sure I was totally comfortable. Price was what I was expecting. Went in for a cracked tooth & was in and out in 2 hours.
Donna A.
08:56 22 Jun 20
Look, I love this place, and I am saying that about a dentist. Everyone is great and personable. They maintain the highest standard of care and I wouldn't...
Dustin N.
07:05 17 Jun 20
fast, efficient, and gentle.
Anthony B.
19:12 08 Jun 20
First visit to Apple Springs Dentistry. Love it! Great staff, very friendly. Made me feel like I was a valued customer. Thanks
Andrew M.
20:00 04 Jun 20
My husband & I both had our first exams & cleanings here this week. We are more than impressed - very clean facility, professional & caring staff &...
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Great people here! They got me in and out for a procedure in no time. They were very caring and attentive the entire time I was there. My wife and mother in...
Chad H.
12:26 02 Jun 20
It's been more than a year that we go to Apple Springs Dental. They are always very friendly and professional. They treat us as family.Today I had an appointment with them and as usual, they did not disappoint. They are practicing very safely.Thank you Dr. Tay, Jennifer and Grace to make me feel safe during this COVID-19 crazy life!
Ildi F.
01:09 21 May 20
I'm so glad Apple Springs Dentistry is in our neighborhood. Dr Tay and his staff are very caring and knowledgeable.
Holly G.
00:46 21 May 20
I had an abscessed tooth and needed it removed quickly. I received an appointment within a day or two. I received excellent care but was unable to be numbed...
Joe P.
19:50 27 Apr 20
Absolutely amazing! Beyond professional! They made getting 2 teeth pulled a great experience. Highly recommend!
Hunter H.
17:55 22 Apr 20
Great staff and dentist very kind and professional a plus job!!
16:08 13 Apr 20
The Receptionist was extremely knowledgeable and friendly and the Doctor was equally as good! We were very pleased!
Kristol O.
17:19 16 Mar 20
I am very glad I found Apple Springs. Not only because they are in my neighborhood making it convenient to get there. The staff is wonderful., friendly, personable and accommodating. Besides there is a lot if laughter when I am in the chair easing any stress about the visit.
Dominic F
20:13 05 Mar 20
The Apple Springs dental office is a state of the art facility. My dental hygienist, Grace did an excellent job cleaning and polishing my teeth. Dr. Tay reviews my x rays before he conducted my exam and provided me with an overview of my future treatments.Dr. Tay and his staff came highly recommended, however everyone exceeded my expectations today!
Carolyn P.
21:42 14 Feb 20
Dr Tay and his staff are awesome. They are friendly and very helpful. I will continue to have Dr Tay as my Dentist and will recommend his office to my friends.
18:36 14 Feb 20
This was my first dentist visit in a LONG TIME. I was more than impressed with the service and staff. If you’re not looking forward to a dental visit like myself, this is the place for you. They’re extremely kind, understanding and professional.
Jesse L. L.
19:39 11 Feb 20
I hate, used to hate, the dentist. It had been about 7 years since I’ve gone. Went in to have a couple teeth extracted. Everyone was nice, helpful, informative and I’ll say it was an entirely different experience than previous ones. Hardly felt a thing and I went home and mowed my yard! I won’t go anywhere else now, and while unfortunate, I will become a regular from now on!
Beau J.
17:43 01 Feb 20
Very thorough, friendly and professional
Tracy Anderson W.
17:30 30 Jan 20
Needed a family dentist that could deal with a child that has SPD. I brought her weighted blanket and hoped for the best. Dr. Tay has a soft spoken reassuring voice and explains everything in full detail so I knew what to expect. He was patient and kind, and I was actually allowed to be with her during this long procedure- (baby root canal and crown) he did not make me feel judged at all for this badly needed work on a 6 year old. He even called after hours to check on her! Who does that these days? My entire family will be coming here, and many of my co workers and their families will be following me. Being in the medical field myself, I am very selective on where I go and who I will I recommend. Jennifer in front office is an angel. So sweet and informative and KNOWS her business. I could go on and on. There is a reason this place is 5 star rated. They certainly are a cut above! So thankful I found them.
Sheila V.
03:24 29 Jan 20
We selected this group when we relocated. They are organized and efficient. Super eager to answer your questions and make you comfortable!
Bob G.
18:38 27 Jan 20
They are the best . All of them are so nice and they really care. Thank you Jennifer for making me feel much better when I was terrified . And thanks for Dr. Tay, you did an awesome job and I feel much better now. I had to remove my 3 wisdom teeth and the doctor recommended that I remove all of them at the same time to avoid going through the same pain three different times. It was a really good idea and I did not regret it. My family love all of you guys. Easy communication and great staff
Raly A.
02:37 22 Jan 20
They are the best . All of them are so nice and they really care. Thank you Jennifer for making me feel much better when I was terrified . And thanks for Dr. Tay, you did an awesome job and I feel much better now. I had to remove my 3 wisdom teeth and the doctor recommended that I remove all of them at the same time to avoid going through the same pain three different times. It was a really good idea and I did not regret it. My family love all of you guys
Raly 1.
02:37 22 Jan 20
Friendly and professional
Lynette H.
18:11 16 Jan 20
My family and I were all new patients with my youngest being 4, they accommodated us all! Love that I’ve found a dentist for the whole family. Staff was friendly, the team was easy to chat with, they made you feel comfortable. The office was clean and well lit, the rooms although open were private and they even have TVs on the ceiling to watch while you’re having your procedure or cleaning. Both my kids got clean teeth awards and that really made their day.
Ashley M.
19:42 14 Jan 20
Very detailed, a perfectionist
Douglas R.
19:53 19 Dec 19
Excellence from all aspects of this practice. Highly recommend Apple Springs Family Dentistry!
Joan O.
22:10 13 Dec 19
I love Dr. Tay and his wonderful staff, I got all 4 of my wisdom teeth out on a Friday afternoon, the procedure was pain free and quick, I had minor discomfort that night but Saturday night I was feeling great that I even went on a date! Nobody noticed I had that done the day before. Thank you Dr. Tay!!
Ricky F.
18:30 25 Nov 19
Everyone in this office is so friendly. They seem to all get along so well. It has a very positive and energetic vibe! Jennifer at the front desk was so...
Julie B.
06:57 15 Nov 19
Warm and welcoming...great first experience.
Rick F.
22:31 14 Nov 19
Absolutely love Dr. Tay and his entire staff. I have high anxiety when it comes to dental work and his entire staff were very understanding and made me...
Shannon S.
09:24 25 Oct 19
Dr. Tay came in after hours to repair a crown, thank you so much!
Jason B.
12:37 13 Oct 19
Dr Tay is a skilled dentist, always attentive to individual needs. He and his staff strive to make sure you are comfortable and treated well!
Jonathan K.
02:36 09 Oct 19
The kindest, friendliest staff throughout the whole office. Thorough & quality service. Beautiful, clean facility. Never going anywhere else.
Sarah E.
23:16 08 Oct 19
Very friendly staff and environment!
Melissa P.
19:42 08 Oct 19
brought my mom in whom needs a bit of work done. staffing and nurse were beyond sweet! Dr. / owner was on point and very caring! definitely recommend this place and plan to be back soon!
Michelle Leigh R.
17:17 26 Sep 19
Thank you, Dr. Tay, for taking care of my teeth! 😀 You and your assistants are the best!
John S.
01:55 17 Sep 19
Very friendly and awesome team. They work for you not themselves.
Bryan W.
15:23 07 Sep 19
I found Apple Springs on my Met Life insurance app. I called and told them I had severe pain because I broke a tooth and they got me in 30 minutes. They were able to take care of me and I didn’t feel a thing! I have already told everyone at my dealership about them and will use them for now on. Thank you so much!
Brad M.
14:33 30 Aug 19
The staff was wonderful! The Doctor has excellent bedside manner!
Jennifer C B.
23:21 22 Aug 19
Dr Tay and his staff are fantastic! They have great options for people with high anxiety so we can be comfortable during cleanings and procedures.
Jenn E.
15:43 15 Aug 19
Awesome experience here today! I found this practice on Nextdoor App and have been searching for a local Dentist. I have had really bad experiences over the years. The entire staff was so welcoming and pleasant and really helped me to feel at home and comfortable the entire time. Thanks everyone!
Edie Kaufman O.
21:43 08 Aug 19
Awesome Dental office! Dr. Yay and his staff were wonderful! There is a family feel to the office, highly recommend !
Angie Yanes M.
15:24 02 Aug 19
These guys are awesome! They will go out of their way to get you an appointment. Excellent customer service and they genuinely care about their patients.
Jenn Marie B.
17:08 26 Jul 19
Staff is very accommodating and extremely kind and professional.Dr Tay is very thorough and takes the time to go over everything with you.Being new in Texas, it’s hard to start over and find doctors again.Great practice and I highly recommend them.
Sharon Costilo S.
20:40 17 Jul 19
Dr.Tay and his staff are fantastic! I had previously had a very irritating visit w/ my prior dentist and came to them for help, and they exceeded all expectations. Dr.Tay very obviously cares about his pt's and getting them the best care possible, but his practice is most certainly not a "one man show" as everyone on the team is helpful and kind. I could not recommend them enough.
Erin V.
20:55 29 Jun 19
Out of their way to fit me in when I was in real pain. Fast friendly and courteous.
David S.
16:24 11 Jun 19
Today was my 1st visit here & tbh I’m glad it was a long visit bc I like to be well-informed & know what’s going on, especially when it comes to my health. Dr. Tay was absolutely wonderful & a pleasure to be around. He explained things to me & made sure I understood & his staff was very nice & friendly & patient & helpful. I would highly recommend this business to anyone looking for a dentist. 5 stars!!!
Denise I.
01:51 12 Apr 19
Dr. Tay and crew are amazing! They will make you ENJOY going to the dentist!
Dezi R.
23:33 02 Apr 19
Really nice people, easy scheduling and convenient location for me. I recently relocated from Georgetown and needed a new dentist. I found the staff at...
Tom M.
07:53 18 Mar 19
Wow! Amazing! I gotta say I’ve always hated going to the dentists, and haven’t been in a long time. Dr Tay and everyone was amazing. They took care of my emergency issue, and they were done so fast I barely remember anything lol. I was like “wait, you already did it? I thought this was gonna be horrible” next thing I know I’m in my wife’s car going home. They put on tv for me, hung out and chatted a little. I felt welcomed which was nice. Great job Apple Springs! 👍👍
Nathan W.
03:34 07 Mar 19
Dr Tay and staff are great! He really cares about his patients needs and concerns.
David T.
22:13 11 Feb 19
Best dentist visit ever. Deep cleaning and xrays. Friendly knowledgeable staff, appointment process was a breeze and the Dr and his assistant were personable and made me comfortable. Saturday hours for my busy schedule and made it easy to take care of my teeth!!Gladly recommend five stars and aboveThank you
Mark W.
23:20 12 Jan 19
My teeth are sensitive and I often do not feel comfortable seeing any dentist. Though, this time the cleaning went quite pleasant within my comfort...
John N.
19:38 10 Jan 19
Very kind and very family oriented. I had to bring my 4 year old daughter in they encouraged her curiosity but still kept safety in mind. The appt was effortless and efficient.
Jordan M. M.
19:36 28 Dec 18
Dr Tay and his staff are always so helpful, quick and friendly! Dr Tay has an amazing memory, and is always so fun to talk to, not to mention my teeth always look exceptional when I leave. I have also had scheduling issues in the past, and they are so understanding and usually have some way to work me in quickly. I love the convenient location, and the Netflix I get to watch while I’m in the chair. I honestly look forward to going to the dentist! I can’t say enough great things about them, this is such a great office.
Mia S.
21:57 18 Dec 18
5 star for sure definitely the best experience I have ever had
Ethin T.
18:28 29 Nov 18
Dr Tay and his staff are amazing! Amazing choice for our family !
Teresa Huggins H.
02:47 20 Nov 18
The staff was very professional and the doctor took me in even though I wasn't a patient and the plus was they are open on the weekends!
Kay Draper S.
21:21 17 Nov 18
We ❤️ Dr. Tay and all the wonderful staff!
Sarah F.
23:04 09 Nov 18
I am a new patient of Dr. Patrick Tay. I decided to go to Apple Springs for my dental care because of all the good reviews. And they were right!! Dr. Tay is committed to thorough, quality treatment, and his staff are personable and efficient.
Rez G.
18:08 11 Oct 18
You can't beat the service that we got from Dr. Tay and his staff. Not only are they open on Saturdays, which is beyond helpful for my family's schedule, they were happy to see us when we came in. They made my 8 year old feel right at home and comfortable. They were insurance professionals and helped me understand exactly what was covered. This office was perfect for our little family of 3 and I look forward to recommending my friends and family. Thanks j you so much Dr. Tay and staff for the amazing service!
Ashley S.
20:16 06 Oct 18
The best dental experience I’ve ever had! Dr.Tay continuously checked to see if I was ok during my dental work and was very reassuring. Found my permanent dentist!
Nathan A.
00:19 25 Sep 18
Dr. Tay and his team are all so kind and welcoming! The office is clean and runs extremely efficiently. I wish I had found them sooner. I would absolutely recommend!
Haylee Gibbs S.
17:36 07 Sep 18
My experience was most pleasant. Dr. Tay and his staff were very professional.
Paula D.
16:18 15 Aug 18
well I'm impressed!! I'm very particular when it comes to my family's dental care, since I've worked in the dental field as an RDA for over 20 years in another State. I'm pleased to say we've found our happy dental home here in Texas! It's like high tech meets a warm homey atmosphere. I can confidently say I'd recommend Apple Springs Family Dentistry to all my family and friends in the Austin area.
Kimber P.
19:09 07 Aug 18
I enjoyed my 1st visit and the professionalism of the staff and Dr. Tay. I will be back!
James W.
02:55 18 Jul 18
Dr. Tay & his team are professional and very friendly. They made me feel at ease with my dental procedure. I highly recommend Apple Dentistry to anyone who may be looking for a new dentist! Great job!
Michele Hippert J.
00:22 18 Jul 18
I’m a big scaredy cat at the dentist and it takes a lot to keep me as a patient. My boys on the other hand are not scared one bit. We all equally love Dr. Tay and he checks in with you so frequently you feel safe. Also, our teeth look amazing! Thanks Dr. Tay!!! #slayalldaydrtay
Alyssa Johnson D.
22:13 21 Jun 18
Super amazing people! Friendly staff, worked me in when I didn't even have an appointment for the same day treatment! And im am terrified of dental work and they made me feel sooo comfortable. <3
Jessica B.
22:19 19 Jun 18
I called them and left a message at 3am about a crown that fell out. I also couldn't find it. They aren't my regular dentist, but they called me as soon as they opened, on Saturday morning. They fit me into the schedule, and put a tooth in my face. Always made sure I was informed and comfortable with what was going on. The staff and office are beautiful and awesome! Go here.
Daniel V.
01:34 17 Jun 18
I saw Dr. Tay for my first appointment and was pleasantly pleased. I loved how he knew immediately who I was since a friend had referred me. He also was the "hygienist" who cleaned my teeth. It's a great way for him to meet his patients! A little side-note, I loved being able to watch my favorite Netflix show on the ceiling. It was fun and am actually looking forward to going back next week to have a filling replaced. It was by far the first pleasant dentist visit I've had in a long time!
Gerrianne W.
13:44 14 Jun 18
Great dentist �
Jaime K.
19:13 25 May 18
This was my first visit very friendly staff the dentist is awesome.
Deeann O.
23:00 30 Apr 18
Dr. Tay is great, I had no pain whatsoever and the results were instant and looked great !Apple Springs is definitely our family dentist.
Joseph B.
20:51 30 Apr 18
Dr Tay and staff were awesome!! Best experience at a Dentist office that I've ever had. Routine cleaning but as at easy as I felt, I don't thing other procedures would be any different. Thank you for a great experience.
Wendy L S.
22:12 12 Apr 18
What a breath of fresh air. Entire staff so friendly. Highly recommend.
Leslie Ungaretti A.
21:41 12 Apr 18
Is a great dental practice. The staff and Dr. Tay are very friendly, patient and caring. It has been awhile since I’ve been to the dentist but the whole staff made me feel comfortable through my visit. I’ve found my primary dental care provider.
Molly Mascher C.
17:04 10 Apr 18
Dr. Tay and staff are the best dental practice I’ve ever been too on price, honesty and quality. I thought I needed a crown, but when he started the procedure he decided he could save my tooth with an onlay filling which looks awesome I might add. The zoom special is awesome as well! And you never have to wait. Working in the medical field I have very high expectations and they all exceeded them!! ��
Merrill White P.
22:51 17 Mar 18
I have always had bad experiences with dentists because they're "overcharge" and not friendly. I had my fillings done at Apple Springs Family Dentistry, and Dr. Tay made sure i wasn't feeling any pain or discomfort. He reviewed the procedures and made sure that I know what's going on before any procedures were taken place. In addition, the office staff were AMAZING- SUPER FRIENDLY and PERSONABLE. I will definitely come back and recommend Dr. Tay to my friends and relatives. Thank you Dr. Tay.
Uyen T.
02:58 20 Feb 18
No waiting. Clean office. Great staff. Dr. Tay, Ellis and Brooke were great. Keep up the great care and customer service.
Michelle K.
03:13 16 Feb 18
Super friendly, convenient location and same day appointment!
JuanErica N Jake G.
01:22 09 Feb 18
Never loved my smile until I started going to Apple Springs to get my cleanings, fillings, and now whitening. The staff Ellis, Brooke, Kevin, and Dr. Tay seem to amaze me every time. Highly recommend this office.
Jessica E.
17:23 02 Feb 18
The staff is professional, friendly and I feel like family, I was nervous because I was getting Invisalign and didn't know what to expect. Dr. Patrick Tay spent as much time with me as I needed to address all my questions and concerns. He went above and beyond when putting on my invisalign. He has been very encouraging through the process and even sends me text messages to check on me. I will be transferring my dental records to Dr. Tay and look forward to working with him and his staff.
Tiffany G.
00:23 24 Jan 18
Inviting office with supportive and professional staff. Dr. Tay does excellent dentistry. I would definitely refer my friends to his practice.
Miriam F.
00:29 05 Jan 18
Dr Tay is amazing!! I was in extreme pain from an extraction done by another dentist. Dr Tay got me in with in the hour. He helped me out immensely. Then offered to call me in a couple days to make sure that I could make it through the holiday!! Excellent care!
Sarah Y.
01:23 22 Dec 17
Great dentist and staff, highly recommended. My husband had a bad experience with another dentist, and Dr. Tay saved the day!
Laurie Hill D.
23:57 29 Nov 17
Dentists have always had a hard time numbing me for fillings, crowns, etc, but Dr. Tay numbed me without any issues. I didn't feel a thing which is a relief considering the pain I've experienced in the past with dental procedures! They don't cut corners (unfortunately I've experienced the effects of that previously). He uses the latest technology to ensure quality care and won't overcharge. I was very pleased with their work. They were also very friendly and personable.As a side note, he graduated from one of the top dental schools in the country and world!!!! We did our research. �
Frankie T.
05:33 27 Nov 17
I had an emergency visit about 3 weeks ago and then went back today for a consult. I have never been so happy with a dental practice, this office is warm, inviting, knowledgeable, professional and overall amazing. It took 41 years, but, finally a dentist that I WANT to go to!!!!!!
Natalie J.
23:16 10 Nov 17
This is a great dental office. Friendly, comfortable, caring & efficient. Brooke and Dr. Tay as well as the staff there, are awesome at what they do. Dr.Tay is exceptional with intent to exceed perfection. I'm happy to say I finally found my home for my dental needs/care.
Natalie E.
17:24 14 Sep 17
I'm very impressed with apple springs family dentistry staff. Dr. Tay is very thorough with his work. He's overall the best dentist I've dealt with. Grace and Brooke are very friendly and professional. I would highly recommend this office.
Jose C.
21:50 02 Aug 17
Great experience. Office is clean, staff is friendly and efficient. Been looking in this area for a dentist for three years and finally found the right one here at Apple Springs Family Dentistry. Dr. Tay is friendly, thorough, and invested in patient care from beginning to end.
Anne Stuart K.
19:31 02 Aug 17
I am really satisfied with the service, for sure I am going to refer family members and friends to you. Thank you for taking care my teeth!I grade fives stars!
Hannah V.
02:47 08 Jul 17
Apple Springs was our best find since moving to Leander. Dr. Tay and his staff are amazing. Everyone is so welcoming and attention to service and treatment are the best I've had in years!
Kristie H.
16:51 11 Jun 17
Easy-going environment makes it easy to feel at ease but their work is very efficient and they won't stop until the work is done correctly.
Gretchen K.
00:14 18 May 17
I was so happy with the treatment I received at Apple Springs Family Dentistry! Not only are they very knowledgeable and affordable, but the staff and Dr truly care about their patients. I will be recommending them to everyone I know!
Sunshine P.
00:20 29 Apr 17
Had an emergency situation thanks everyone at Apple Springs for getting me in and taken care of on the same day.
Mauricio V.
22:53 03 Apr 17
I highly recommend Dr. Tay, not only for adults but also for children for coming to this family dentistry clinic. I send my kids and my family members here for their dental work. The place is nice and clean, staffs are very friendly. My children love Dr. Tay and indicated they feel like their uncle was treating them on their first visit, so definitely we will stay with Dr. Tay!
Lena V.
04:22 31 Mar 17
If you are looking for a fantastic Dentist then you are at the right spot! I have major anxiety of Dentists and Dr Tay and Staff helped me overcome that. Best experience ever!!!! I highly recommend them.
Sharon Gildenhorn T.
23:52 01 Feb 17
Awesome experience. Everyone was very friendly. I was not shamed for my teeth as I have been at other offices. Gorgeous offices and very accommodating for their patients!
Linda Elizabeth H.
22:12 16 Jan 17
Couldn't be happier with Dr Tay & his staff! He and Jennifer took very good care of me today. Dr Tay was very conscientious of my comfort level and made sure I was very happy with everything he did for me. They have the newest technology but not the high prices. This is my new dentist!
Christi Pense K.
04:25 07 Jan 17
Just got a cleaning and they did an amazing job. Amazing group of people here at apple springs.
Clayton H.
22:42 30 Dec 16
Finally found a small independent caring dentist and staff. Just what I had been searching for. Outstanding!!!
Dwayne D.
02:12 30 Dec 16
The office got me in quickly and gave me options for my treatment. Was not overwhelming or pushy. The staff was fantastic and the dentist was gentle. It is safe to say I have finally found a dentist I am comfortable with and that understands the patient. Thank you Apple Springs Dentistry!
Amanda M N.
21:08 06 Dec 16
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