How Oral Health Affects Your Overall Health – The Connection Revealed

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The Connection Between Oral Health and Overall Health

Did you know your oral health can have an impact on your heart, your brain, your immune system, and much more?

That’s right: the state of your mouth, teeth, and gums matters more than you might think.

Cavities and gum disease are just the beginning of health complications that can arise as a result of poor dental health.

When you neglect your oral health, you don’t just jeopardize your smile. You put your general health at risk, too.

Are you risking your health with harmful dental health habits?

In this article, you will discover:

  • Why dental health is so important?
  • How your oral health impacts your overall health?
  • Systemic health conditions associated with poor dental health.
  • What you can do to prevent health complications from happening to you?

And much, much more!

What you are about to learn might surprise you.

Keep reading and discover how you can keep your entire body and mind healthy – all starting with your teeth and gums.

Are you ready?

First, let’s look at the importance of dental health and how poor oral health can impact your overall health.

Why Your Dental Health Is So Important

The Link Between Oral Health And Overall Health

As you now know, your dental health is linked to other areas of your body like your heart, your brain, your immune system, and much more.

But do you know exactly why dental health is so important?

For one, your oral cavity is directly connected to your brain. That’s right: one nerve stands between your tooth’s root and your brain.

As a result, an untreated infection in your oral cavity can compromise your cognitive health

On top of diminished cognitive function, oral health problems can also lead to heart conditions. Since tooth infections can enter the bloodstream fast, it doesn’t take long for an undiagnosed problem to impact your heart.

As you can see, dental health should not be taken lightly. It’s important for you to take care of your teeth and gums so the rest of your body stays healthy.

Are you doing your part to prevent health problems from happening to you?

Now that you know the importance of oral health, let’s take an even closer look at how oral health can impact your overall health.

Get ready to discover the dangers of poor oral health and find out what you can do to prevent serious health problems from happening to you.

How Your Oral Health Impacts Your Overall Health

Health Conditions Associated With Poor Dental Health

So, what can your teeth tell you about your overall health?

There is a definite link between dental health and overall wellness. If your teeth aren’t healthy, your general health might be in jeopardy.

Poor oral hygiene can cause all kinds of health problems for you. Read on to find out which health conditions are associated with poor dental health right now.

Poor oral hygiene can affect your…

  • Heart. Research suggests that endocarditis and cardiovascular disease are both linked to poor dental health. When harmful bacteria in your mouth enters your bloodstream, it can travel the heart and affect your heart health. Bacterial infections and inflammation in the oral cavity can also contribute to strokes, clogged arteries and more.
  • Brain. When tooth decay progresses to its most dangerous stages, it can affect nerves that directly connect to your brain. As a result, untreated tooth decay and oral infections can cause a brain abscess. Researchers also found a link between Alzheimer’s and oral health. Alzheimer’s patients typically display some form of tooth decay.
  • Immune System. Did you know untreated bacterial infections in your mouth can also spread to your lungs? At this point, you can develop bacterial pneumonia, a life-threatening illness that puts your whole immune system at risk. No matter where the infection is present, it will hinder your immune system from fighting off other diseases.
  • Pregnancy. Poor oral hygiene can even affect pregnancy and childbirth. Studies show a link between gum disease and premature birth. When the mother has periodontitis, the baby is more likely to be born underweight. In fact, the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research found that oral infections contribute to as much as 18% of preterm births.
  • Blood Sugar. Did you know severe gum disease can make coping with diabetes even more difficult? Gum disease and oral infections can mess with your insulin levels, making it more challenging for your body to control blood sugar.

And, that’s just the beginning of health complications related to poor oral hygiene.

Do you want to make sure none of these serious health complications happen to you?

Read on to find out how you can prevent illnesses and diseases that are linked to poor dental health.

How to Prevent More Serious Health Complications By Caring For Your Dental Health Now?

Now you know how dangerous it can be when you don’t take care of your teeth and gums. Are you willing to spend a little extra time and effort to ensure you’re healthy?

Maintain your oral health so you can keep your whole body healthy for years to come. Keep reading to learn about preventive dental care right now.

How to keep your mouth (and your whole body) healthy

  • Brush regularly. Are you brushing your teeth 2 to 3 times per day? Make sure to brush in the morning and at night. Give your teeth extra attention if you’re eating acidic or sugary foods.
  • Floss on a daily basis. Brushing your teeth is not enough to keep your gums healthy. You need to floss regularly, too. Prevent gum disease by flossing once a day.
  • Visit your dentist routinely. When was the last time you visited your Leander family dentist? As a reminder, you should see the dentist every 6 to 12 months depending on the state of your oral health.

When was your last oral health exam?

Schedule Your Dental Check-Up With Apple Springs Family Dentistry

Visit The Best Family Dentist In Leander, Texas Right Now

Oral health and overall health go hand in hand. When your teeth and gums are healthy, you are more likely to feel better throughout your whole body.

Taking care of your teeth is easy, so why wouldn’t you keep up with your oral health care?

All you need to do is brush and floss regularly and schedule a simple dental check-up every so often. After all, visits to your dental health provider are the best way to ensure optimal oral health.

During your visit, your dentist will examine your teeth, give you a professional cleaning, and give tips for your at-home dental care routine.

Is it time for your next dental health exam?

Take care of yourself and give your teeth the care they deserve.

Click here or call 512-212-9711 to schedule your next dental appointment with Apple Springs Family Dentistry, the leading Leander dentist right now.

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